Our mission

To protect Mt Rothwell’s remnant habitat and restore the natural ecosystem to foster indigenous, high conservation value flora and fauna communities.


  • Habitat restoration:
    Reduce the cover and extent of identified ‘high threat’ weed species and further enhance the floral communities to restore diversity and support for indigenous wildlife
  • Fauna re-establishment:
    To continue the establishment of self-sustaining populations of nationally endangered species (including Eastern-barred bandicoots, Eastern quolls, Brush-tailed Rock Wallaby) and in doing so provide for the recovery of all indigenous fauna currently surviving at Mt Rothwell.
  • Community involvement:
    Through guided public walks, innovative school programs (such as those run through Ecolinc) and opportunities for research, volunteering and general participation, Mt Rothwell provides a unique opportunity to see, study, learn and help out in conservation projects across the board.
  • Government Policy Alignment:
    to align programs and contribute towards meeting Victorian and Commonwealth government threatened species outcomes identified in various action and recovery plans.