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Mt Rothwell Biodiversity Interpretation Centre

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About Mt Rothwell

The Mount Rothwell Conservation and Research Centre (Mt Rothwell) is a privately owned 420 ha property located in largely remnant habitat some 45 km west of Melbourne.

Our aim

Our aim is to undertake further research in restoring habitat, completing ecosystems and further expanding to ensure threatened species populations can be protected from extinctions.


Mt Rothwell is the largest predator free ecosystem in Victoria. The property is exclusively managed for the conservation of some of Australia’s most threatened faunal species, including the Eastern Barred Bandicoot (EBB) and Eastern Quoll.

Threatened species at Mt Rothwell

We now hold some of the last remaining threatened species populations on the mainland of Australia, including the mainland Eastern Barred Bandicoot, Red Bellied Pademelon and Eastern Quoll.



Mt Rothwell is invaluable on many levels, not least the opportunities it offers educators. From a conservation, science, art or a range of VELS and VCE perspectives, this is a wonderful place to bring students.

Endangered animals
Predator-free environment
Wonderful place to bring students

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The setting for all this activity is ideal given a significant portion of the State’s most threatened ecosystems are here – among them the open grassy woodlands and the Victorian volcanic plains grassland. Mt Rothwell is invaluable on many levels, not least the opportunities it offers educators.

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Featured Conservation Projects

The centre has a focus on Victorian species with a particular emphasis on species indigenous to the basalt plains grasslands habitats and woodlands.

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